Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 1 In Process, Divide and CONQUER!! :D

My eyes flew open this morning and I could hardly wait to get out of bed and begin this journey to health, happiness, and total healing! My first attempt at breakfast turned out to be a flop! The watermelon was pale pink and flavorless. Next, we moved to a big, fat smoothie in the Vitamix. YUM! It was a magical mix of spinach, strawberries bananas, dates, orange juice, and carrot juice. That one didn't last long; we polished it off like vikings on a raid! lol

The smoothie batch for the day was made with nanners, blackberries picked from our land, dates, and strawberries. I love being able to grab a Mason jar full of healthy, mouthwatering goodness anytime I get hungry throughout the day while enthralled in writing and taking care of assignments.

I feel so very liberated on this fine fall day. Never again will I obsess over dieting and how much weight I can lose before (insert meaningless date here). God, family, health, warmth, safety, happiness, and love are now my highest priorities. The weight will take care of itself and I cannot wait to witness it melting off!

So, an upcoming challenge will be to force myself into bed at a decent hour and remain there for at least nine hours or so. My body will be working hard to detox and heal. There will be no room for ignoring its wants and needs during this regeneration process.

I am so blessed to have found this path and oh so thankful for my supportive and loving family. My husband is along for this mystical ride and I could not love him more than on this very day. :D

I'm thinking an awesome walk in nature is on the docket for this evening. Washington State is gorgeous all year round but even in the fall it shares many different colors and delights. This weekend we will be taking the kiddos to the local pumpkin farm for hay rides, pumpkin and fresh flower picking, photographs, and the ever popular corn and hay mazes! WHOOT! I must be more excited than the kids even! lol 


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