Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A New Dawn and it IS Also About My Weight :D

I have always known that there had to be more to life than feeling like this. The sluggishness, the fat rolls, the cravings for salty or sweet--or both--must surely not be part of a healthy, happy, vibrant life. I have lost the sparkle in my eye and my zest for life. Depression and anxiety have taken me hostage and I am willing to do what it takes to break free, once and for all.

For countless moons now I have gone back and forth from diet to diet, always flirting with 80-10-10 but never willing to make a commitment. I will not make excuses; the truth of the matter is that if I had wanted to be thin and fit badly enough, I would have done so by now. I wanted the benefits but was too lazy and afraid to put the effort into it. Well, NOT ANY MORE! This decision has been a long time coming. 

If every cell in my body will have been regenerated and replaced seven years from now, shouldn't those new cells be replaced with healthy ones built by God and Mama Nature's fruit and veggies? Additionally, I have tons of weight to lose in order to reach my desired goal. It's not ALL abut vanity, of course, it is simply not healthy at all to be even 5% overweight. My weight problems are robbing me of my spirit and happiness; it is time to alter the playing field!

So, how does one begin such an intense overhaul? Well, it is as simple as knowing when you are ready and when the time is right. My demons have been wrestled to the ground and now they need to be put to rest. I will be getting tons of extra sleep, tons of fresh, clean well water, as many fruits and veggies as I care for, and moving my body every day doing things that I love! If we learn to run, and play, and let go like we did as children; there will be no need for 'exercise'.

Who will join in the recreation of our human vessels? Can you imagine the differences in the photographs now versus seven years from now? Amazing! 



  1. Good for you! I am awaiting your posts :) Keep with it, you'll do awesome.

  2. Thanks, Lorra! I am MORE than excited to get started tomorrow. Your blog is awesome. Kitchen is packed full and ready to roll (so very blessed). :)